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Enjoy's amazing paragliding rides offered at locations nationwide. Live the dream of flight as you soar over landscapes and experience a new point-of-view. Your first paragliding adventure will be a tandem experience with your instructor, he will guide you through the entire experience.  Trust us for this soaring thrill.


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Paragliding>>Paragliding Experience for One near Salt Lake City, UT
Paragliding Experience for One in Salt Lake City Utah

Paragliding Experience for One near Salt Lake City, UT

Itís not a bird. Itís not a plane. Itís you! Have you ever dreamed of flying but not sure where to begin? We can help and are happy youíre here because you donít need to be a superhero to fly. All you need is Thrillant and our access to paragliding opportunities nationwide.

As the simplest form of human flight, paragliding enables you to soar with the wind as you soak in stunning views from the sky. Do you prefer peaceful lakes, meandering streams, or sparkling oceans? Or, would you rather see rugged terrain, rolling hills, and gentle meadows? What you see is up to you and, keep in mind, every paragliding adventure is unique. No two flights are ever alike.

Now for some basic facts: a paraglider is a free-flying, foot-launched glider aircraft powered by the wind. It consists of a canopy, or ďwingĒ, a harness, brake cords that control the direction and speed of flight, and carabineers which secure the harness to the wing. Todayís paragliders keep you aloft for extended periods of time, allowing you to relax and enjoy the thrill of flight.

Tandem paragliding is the best way to get started. It gives you the opportunity to fly with no prior paragliding experience and just a little ground instruction. Once youíve become acquainted with your certified instructor and received basic information on the ground, youíre ready to fly. Youíll be strapped into the paraglider, harnessed to your instructor, and taught basic maneuvers as you explore the skies.

Doesnít that sound easy? Hereís the best part of all: no secret powers, special capes, or superhero suits are required. Your regular clothes will work just fine.

Information to Know for
Paragliding Experience for One near Salt Lake City, UT

The price for this experience is good for one (1) person.


Draper, Utah Metro Area


Flights are available year round


Plan to spend 1/2 day with your pilot.


Guests are welcome to come and watch.


Weather can be a factor as aerial activities become too dangerous with high winds, heavy rain, fog, or other inclement weather. Rescheduling several times may be necessary as pilots may have to postpone your flight due to inclement weather.


Dress comfortably for outdoor activity-wear appropriate footwear for walking in fields. Early mornings can be cool and damp- waterproof shoes will add to your comfort. Dresses, shorts, or sandals are not recommended. If bringing a camera, be sure to secure it with a strap.


No Age Limit


300 lbs



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