Off Roading

Take to the open roads that carry no yellow lines. Explore the earth with the freedom to go where many have never been before. Dirt, gravel, and mud await you tires eargerly as you tredge through obstacles ahead!

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Off Roading>>Sat-Sun Off Roading Experience near Starke, FL for 1
Sat-Sun Off Roading Experience near Starke, FL for 1

Sat-Sun Off Roading Experience near Starke, FL for 1

Ever wanted to paint over the dividing yellow line? We have none here. Drive without limitations and learn how to do it the right way. Believe it or not, Learning to drive like a kid take serious training. The Thrillant racing network has one and two day courses designed to teach you how to make a rough off-road ride as safe and thrilling as possible.


Our courses offer all the different types of terrain you would need with trails, water crossings, sand courses, and obstacles to keep you guessing. Learn the rules of the off-road and take all the knowledge you need home with you. You’ll be learning with at most a couple other people, so the instructor will have plenty of time to devote to your individual needs. Let nothing stop you once your off-road. Your SUV will plow the way through all the obstacles and leave you with a new and unique skill.

Information to Know for
Sat-Sun Off Roading Experience near Starke, FL for 1

This experience is good for one person.


Starke, Florida Metro Area.


Sat or Sun. One Day.


Each Day Begins at 8:45am-4:30pm


Allowed with $10.00 Gate fee and must wear arm band at all times.


*We run “rain or shine”. If extreme weather or safety issues exist: Refunds are not given.


Dress according to the weather.


16 and up. Must have parent or guardian sign waiver if under 18..





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