Ready to soar like a bird from tree to tree in a rain forest?

Zipline or canopy tours give you a fast ride on a wire above the ground. You will move you across canyons, rivers and ravines to show you a view that can't be seen from below.


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Tyler Texas Longer Zip Line Adventure

Tyler, TX Longer Zip Line Adventure

Take this guided zip line tour near Laure, Texas for breathtaking views of the East Texas Countryside. For a safe but fun time in the air, your zip line guide will go over the procedures with you and your group before the adventure begins. You’ll be ready for the adventure of a lifetime in no time. Get ready to go soaring through towering pines and hardwoods on a zipline that’s more than 900 ft. long and 100 ft. above ground. This experience near Laure, Texas is second to none!

There are two small hikes between the last two platforms. This adventure will take you through 9 amazing ziplines.

Information to Know for
Tyler, TX Longer Zip Line Adventure

The pricing for this experience is good for one (1) person.


Laure, Texas Metro Area


This experience is open year round and runs Thursdays through Sundays from 9am to dusk.


This tour will last approximately 1 to 1-1/2 hours.


Weather can be a factor as aerial activities become too dangerous with high winds, heavy rain, fog, or other inclement weather. Vendors may open early or close later than expected due to weather and other factors. Zip tours are run while it is raining, but will shut down if lightning is present.


Wear comfortable tennis shoes (sneakers), blue jeans, and casual clothes. Also bring a ponytail holder for those that have long hair. Sandals (of any kind), boots, and flip flops are not recommended to wear. No loose or dangling jewelry or clothing.


This experience is good for adventurers ages 12 and up


Participants should weigh more than 70 lbs. Females cannot weigh more than 225 lbs. and males cannot weigh more than 275 lbs.



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